SF1 Training Program – SF1 Strength

SF1 Training Program

Exclusively available with every SF1.

World-class strength and conditioning training program designed by a UK special forces S&C expert aimed at helping you develop strength, muscle mass, explosive power, endurance and mobility.

The SF1 Strength & Conditioning program - includes:

  • 4-week training programs focused on building Strength & Size, Strength & Power and Endurance utilising cutting edge military training methods
  • Training challenges designed to push you to the limit
  • Effective warm ups to maximise training performance and decrease injury risk
  • An explanation on how to structure your training weeks so you arrive at each session ready to train hard and smash your personal records
  • Easy guide to an optimal cool down post-training to maximise recovery
  • Stretching and mobility exercises aimed at increasing your range of motion and decreasing your injury risk