SF1 Founder – Tony Hayes – SF1 Strength

SF1 Founder – Tony Hayes

I grew up in South East London. As a teenager I had my fair share of run-ins, both with local gangs and with the police. My life was heading down the wrong path, and I knew it. So in 2003 I joined the Royal Marines. The military gave me discipline and structure, but most importantly, it introduced me to an understanding of exercise and fitness that would shape the rest of my life.

After three years in the Marines, I followed my dream to become a member of the UK Special Forces. Through sheer drive and determination I passed selection first time. I was among the fittest of my peers, and I worked hard to remain so. My fitness helped keep me alive.

When I retired from the Special Forces, I became a maritime security consultant spending long periods at sea on anti-piracy operations. On my first deployment I realised that I needed a way to perform the high-intensity circuits I’d used to maintain my fitness levels throughout my military career. There was no gym on the ship, and no fitness products on the market that suited my needs. So with some decking rope and handles I found on board, I set about making my own. The idea for the SF1 was born.