About – SF1 Strength


We have designed the SF1 Trainer to be portable, lightweight, and flexible, allowing anyone to improve their fitness, wherever they are in the world. We know what works and the SF1 Trainer has been forged through years of product development, trial, error, and testing. The result is a triumph of simplicity, functionality and best of all - a unique training partner you can take anywhere with the confidence that it won’t let you down. SF1 consists of multiple moveable handles, on two suspended straps with numbered increments, allowing the user to perform single and multiple exercises with minimal to zero rest. When using the SF1, the heart rate remains high from compound exercises involving multiple muscle groups, during high intensity circuits. The outcome results in huge improvements on calorific consumption, muscular strength, size, and endurance.

The SF1 trainer, just like the UK Special Forces, are built in Britain and adheres to the highest possible standards - something that we are very proud of. UKSF are constantly at the forefront of innovation, regularly testing bleeding edge technologies which later enter service with the wider military community. SF1 Trainers have now completed their extensive product development and testing which has been conducted over several years, all over the world. It is tough, reliable and should be part of everyone’s kit - whether you are training in a garage, outside under the stars off the grid or in transit around the world - investing in yourself is a fundamental part of the Special Forces ethos you can be a part of.