SF1 GO – SF1 Strength


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Don’t be deceived by this lighter weight two handled version, the SF1 GO still outperforms all other suspension trainers on the market. The SF1 GO requires moving the handles up and down the numbered straps depending on the exercise, and in doing so perfectly highlights the user friendly, self-locking adjustable handles, it’s extremely quick and easy to adjust, and so still affords you an extensive range of exercises and circuit-based routines with minimal fuss. The SF1 is the only suspension trainer with a twin strap design that increases stability and eliminates arm rub. The numbered straps also aid in set up for multiple exercises and tracking your progress. This unique trainer is the perfect addition to your workout regime, at home, the gym or away.

Whats included:

  • 1 x SF1 Special Forces 4-week Strength & Conditioning program
  • 2 x SF1 Uni Grip Self-locking handles
  • 2 x SF1 Numbered straps, with in-built carabiners
  • 2 x SF1 Extender straps
  • 2 x SF1 Adjustable foot cradles
  • 1 x SF1 Breathable mesh bag with locking draw cord